A system for video, audio, and graphic presentation in tandem with video/audio play


A method for displaying an enhanced multimedia presentation including personalized supplementary audio, video, and graphic content selectable by a user and rendered by a receiving device, comprises the steps of: communicating a multimedia presentation file to the receiving device, the multimedia presentation file comprising base multimedia presentation content and, frame-synchronized information including starting frame timing identifier, ending frame timing identifier, starting frame spatial coordinates, ending frame spatial coordinates, and motion vector specifications for describing frame-accurate location, motion and timing of the personalized supplementary audio, video, and graphic content, the frame-synchronized information indicating one or more free areas of the multimedia presentation absent significant base multimedia content; extracting the frame-synchronized information from the multimedia presentation file; retrieving the personalized supplementary content from the receiving device; decoding the personalized supplementary content at a time sufficiently in advance of the starting frame timing identifier; and the receiving device selecting an indicated free area and initiating display of one or more items of the personalized supplementary content at frame-accurate times between the starting frame timing identifier and ending frame timing identifier at the frame coordinates in accordance with the frame-synchronized information.




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